PwC is sponsoring a free webinar put on by the eHealth Initiative which should be of interest:

Engaging Patients in Meaningful Use (with a focus on PHR use)

April 19, 2011 3:00-4:30 pm ET

More on the webinar and registration link below.

The folks on the webinar were featured in a PwC report that also mentioned the Society.  See: Putting patients into “meaningful use” |

See more on PHRs (and John Grohol’s pessimism about their more widespread adoption) here: Rest in Peace: Personal Health Records (PHRs) |

I’d like to encourage lots of folks to check out the webinar and then start a “book club”-like discussion on the listserv.  (I have a conflict unfortunately.)  I’d also like to encourage folks to have a real-time S4PM sidebar tweetchat going – suggested tag: #S4PMMU).  Key overarching question to consider: What can the Society do to help health care organizations make PHR use work better for patients, clinicians and caregivers?

More on the webinar:

To realize their health IT investment, and be regarded as providers of choice as they enter later stages of “meaningful use,” health systems need to have both patients and physicians using PHRs when making care decisions.  First, health systems will need to “sell” the benefits of PHRs to consumers. Then they will need to build new, technology-enabled healthcare delivery processes around patients’ preferences and convenience—which will mean changing how clinicians do their work.  This webinar includes a case study highlighting Mercy Health’s PHR successes.

Learning Objectives:

∙             Understand how utilization of PHRs can change the patient experience

∙             Understand how to involve the patient in meaningful use

∙             Understand how health systems can help physicians build processes to design, use, and support PHRs

∙             Understand how health systems will need to compete for consumers in the PHR market

∙             Understand how health systems and providers can increase patient and physician demand for PHRs

∙             Understand existing access, social, expectation, and education hurdles to health IT


∙             Glenn Mitchell, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Mercy Health

∙             Andrea Routh, Executive Director, Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance

∙             Bruce Henderson, National Leader, EHR-HIE Practice, PwC

Registration: Engaging Patients in Meaningful Use

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