Hugo Campos,  Dave deBronkart,  Nancy Finn,  Joe Graedon,  Terry Graedon, Alan Greene, John Grohol, Barbara Kornblau, Sarah Krug, Deb Linton, Michael Millenson, Danny Sands, Marcus Thygeson.

Announced the appointment of our first Executive Director, Barbara Kornblau.


Looking for more reviewers. Will send out a survey to everyone who has signed up to review articles to see if they want to remain on the list and know of others who would be likely reviewers. metrics:

Approximately 220 blog posts in 2012. We know from feedback that key policy makers are reading the blog; need more blog writers; encourage all members to contribute

Social media presence: Twitter S4PM has 2200 followers; S4Pm Journal 1700; SPM Face Book page, 1200 likes, Journal, 866 Hashtag being mentioned frequently.

Seal Program Update

About to roll out our Seal Program; registration for everyone with username and password; working on a marketing plan

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Medscape Symposium, Jan 29, Bay Area, CA

Virtual briefing on patient engagement with HIMSS, includes three webinars,
Participation at HIMSS conference, March 4-6, in New Orleans including:
Patient engagement forum, a six hour standalone event alongside HIMSS.
Two articles on blog about the conference with link to registration. SPM verified members will receive a discount on the conference fee.
e-connecting with consumers event led by Ileana Balcu and Danny van Leeuwen.

Next Board meeting April 18, 2013