Participants: Hugo Campos, Dave deBronkart, Joe Graedon, Terry Graedon, Alan Greene, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Deb Linton, Danny Sands

Journal Update

We are currently publishing an average of one article per week. PubMed reviewed the journal and will reevaluate in two years. A motion was approved to reduce managing editor hours.

Corporate Sponsors

We have two new major sponsors: Scanadu and Health 2.0

Updates from Board Members:

Hugo Campos is doing a brochure for Medicine X. Received data from Medtronic. A  step forward  regarding  patient data  access.

Dave deBronkart book has had tremendous impact; there are 3,000 in circulation through social media and it has been translated into Spanish, Hungarian & Dutch.

Alan is enjoying private practice in Silicon Valley focused on participatory medicine He is also involved with Scanadu.

Sarah published “It’s Time for a Code of Ethics in Patient Education,

Member Report

417 members

Board Retreat

Subcommittee including Sarah Krug, Nancy Finn, Danny Sands planning board retreat to be held in the fourth quarter of 2013.


Board Nominations close August 1.

Director of Development Position posted.

Seal Program

Discussions underway for pilot with BlueShield IPA. Hope to have Seal program ready for launch at Medicine X.