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Minutes for the April 4, 2013 conference call of the Society for Participatory Medicine Executive Committee

Attending: Hugo Campos, Cheryl Greene (for Alan Greene); John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands. Executive Director: Barbara Kornblau Notes taken by Michael Millenson in absence of Nancy Finn, Secretary.

Director and officers insurance: John Grohol presented a quote that appeared within the expected range for $1 million coverage with a $2,500 deductible.  He will look into seeing if a second quote can be obtained prior to our buying a policy.

Seal program: Changes were made to the web page for the program that resulted in significant improvements in the look/feel and explanation of the program.

Letters of support from the Society for PCORI grants and others: A report was given on conversations with an attorney and with PCORI itself on the ramifications of the Society providing a letter of support to applicants who are society members in a way that would be legally and ethically sound. The key is consistent standards that relate to the content of the grant in relationship to participatory medicine principles, rather than being influenced by who is asking for the grant. It was also ruled possible to limit letters of support to members. A motion was passed for a committee headed by executive director Barbara Kornblau to develop specific criteria for grants, have those approved by the exec committee and then disseminate those to members before the next PCORI grant deadline of April 15.

HIMSS: HIMSS has asked the Society to help promote a book called “Engaged” whose forward was written by past-president Danny Sands and includes contributions from members. like us to promote a book written by many of our members and give our members a 20% discount. Also looking for reviewers who will get a free copy. “Engaged” about patient engagement. Danny wrote the Forward. $75.

Medicine X: The exec committee discussed the best way in which to affiliate with the Medicine X meeting in October sponsored by our board member Larry Chu. A motion was passed to approve a relationship with Medicine X and other organizations.

Executive director presentation of a business plan: The executive director began presenting a business plan that included a more formal committee structure for the board and other changes. However, due to time constraints the presentation was cut short and rescheduled for sometime in the next 10 days at a time where most members of the exec committee can be available.