Participants: Mandy Bishop, Dave DeBronkart, Judy Danielson, Peter Elias, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Bruno Nardone, Tyson Ortiz, Danny Sands, John Steiner, Joseph Ternullo, Jon Wald, Sue Woods, Ken Yale, Tracy Zervakis

Minutes Approved


Ken Yale just started a new job: Chief Clinical Officer of Delta Dental, largest dental plan in the country

Bruno Nardone has an expanded role at NextGen providing strategic leadership for population health management solutions, including data management, analytics, and care coordination offerings.

Poll: What should S4PM be Focusing on?

John Grohol: most important thing is to help transition people over to the new community platform, increase the adoption rate
Tracy Zervakis, membership
Judy Danielson, membership and fund-raising
Ken Yale, membership
Sarah Krug, member benefits, strategy for membership drive new initiatives.
Peter Elias, Need an internal focus before we look outward

S4PM Twitter and Facebook account ownership?

Last person known to have access to S4PM Twitter account was Casey Quinlan. Tracy Zervakis will reach out to see if the access can be shared. Facebook account holder is Jon Lebkowsky

Marketing update, Judy

Marketing advisory group will be meeting in the next few weeks. Goal is to ensure that all marketing activities are adhering to marketing & communications brief approved by Board in January

The Brochure is 4 weeks overdue; expect to have it done by 4/26. Next step is to produce a set of slides about S4PM to help members and sponsors better understand the organization.

Newsletter, Sue Woods

The Board voted that we should publish a newsletter approximately four times a year and is seeking an editor from the membership. A request has been posted on both Higher Logic and the listserv. Also, considering placing a posting about the editor position on the S4PM Linked In group and on the blog,

The Board considered the question of using the President’s letter as the newsletter but determined it would be better to retain the newsletter as a way to highlight member, news and discuss issues that inform the membership. The Board also determined that the Forums on Higher Logic and the Blog should be where members can offer opinions on a variety of issues.

Internal Communications, Peter Elias

The Board voted to officially shut down the listserv on May 8 and considered a proposal to shut down the members-only Facebook page sometime around June 1.

We discussed using the open forum as marketing tool. To do so we would have to inform members that the forum is open/public and we would use a teaser to allow marketing of our organization. Peter Elias will investigate further.

The Learning Exchange, Sarah Krug

The most recent webinar did not have as many participants as the previous learning exchange – approximately 40 individuals joined the last webinar. We will investigate further whether this was related to the topic, time of day, or marketing

Town Hall, Peter Elias, Danny Sands

There was discussion about the time change of the Town Hall from 4 pm to 7 pm. It was agreed that, going forward, the Town Hall would be held at 7 pm.

Project Management/Member Engagement update, Tyson Ortiz

S4PM’s current processes are more relationship-based than process-based and most of the work is done by board members as opposed to committees. Member engagement within the organization is also based more on relationships than on process. As we engage in a membership drive these issues become more important.

CommonWell Health Alliance:

CommonWell Health Alliance would like to have a mutual relationship with us. They proposed offering our members and their members joint membership at no additional cost. We will open this for discussion on the Forum to gather member’s thoughts.

Next Board Meeting is on May 23, 2017