Participants: Dave DeBronkart, Judy Danielson, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Linda Stotsky, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods

Minutes approved Nancy will be on a leave of absence due to surgery. The Board decided to share note-taking responsibilities by having all members write notes into Google docs.

Conference Update, Joe, Sarah
We have a dynamic program with a great rooster of keynote speakers who have all confirmed. Over the next month, we will be working on putting together the panels and recruiting patient representatives. Promotion for the event will begin this week. We also have several sponsors we are working with. Sarah will circulate a draft agenda. We need the Board to recruit attendees for this conference from their own personal networks.

Marketing Update – Judy, Linda
Conference Marketing – 5 parts to the marketing tool kit
• An edition of our Newsletter promoting both the SOM and Connected Health Conferences will be coming out soon.
• A description of the SPM conference is included on Connected Health website.
• Direct marketing and social media messages will include the discount codes for the conference and an incentive to join the Society with reduced membership dues.
• .A Link to our new conference website just went live.
• We have a Mailing list of 2,000 email addresses and we will send a notice of this event to everyone on the list.
• We will be hammering out all the details this week for additional marketing.
Twitter Campaign, Statistics through August, Linda Stotsky
S4PM Tweets earned 45.1K impressions 1.6K impressions per day
Tweets: 67  570% increase
Tweet Impressions: 45.1K^ 352% increase
Followers: 5,244,  26% increase
Profile Visits: 972 201% increase

Fund Raising Pipeline Lead Generation, Danny
Judy, Joe and Geri Lynn have been involved with recruiting sponsors, mostly for the conference. We are talking with Accenture about a sponsorship. They are particularly interested in a webinar series. as a sponsor of a webinar series.

JOPM/JMIR Alliance, Sue Woods
The Board approved moving ahead with an alliance between the Journal of Medical Internet Research and our Journal of Participatory Medicine This arrangement offers us a huge opportunity for academic connections, and will get our articles into the PubMed index. We will l have posters at the Connected Health Conference announcing this alliance.
Our three current editors Charlie Smith and the Graedons are going to continue as editors. JMIR will manage submissions and reviews. JOPM will determine what will be submitted. We will seek to have a balance of articles that have academic rigor and commentaries that ensure that the patient voice gets heard.
We need more of our members to serve on the editorial board.

Onboarding of Corporate Members
Integrating our corporate sponsors into the Society is currently handled through the wild apricot membership system which adds all sponsors to the system automatically with a minimum of cumbersome record-keeping. A Link has been created so the board can sign up and get into the system.
We also discussed the need for each of our corporate members to have an SPM leader- contact who reach out to them if their membership has lapsed.

SPM Award, Danny and Joe
We discussed the awarding of an SPM award for outstanding leadership in participatory medicine and are looking at potential candidates.  .

Reception at Health 2.0
Our reception this year at Health 2.0 will be an Informal self-paid event. It will be held on the West Coast at the Health 2.0  Fall conference. We need someone to handle the logistics of this event.

Leadership Development. Danny

Mandy Bishop had taken a leave of absence from the Board for personal reasons. As a result we are seeking a new membership chairperson.
We are Assessing our ongoing ability to retain people who can contribute to our board. Ken Yale and Bruno Nardone have stepped down from the board due to personal conflicts. We will be looking for new board members..
For the Fall elections, this year we need to find members to serve as secretary, president elect, and members-at-large Secretary and President Elect are voted by the Executive Committee and Members-at-large by the membership.

Next board meeting, September 28, 2017