Participnts : Judy Danielson, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Tyson Ortiz, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Sue Woods, Tracy Zervakis

Minutes Approved

Marketing Strategy Update, Judy Danielson
Have formed a market advisory group, including: Judy, Sue Woods, Linda Stotsky. Kelly Connors, Nancy Finn. The group has met and set marketing goals, including:
1. Provide marketing advice to help support the membership committee’s growth plans to increase our individual members by 1,000 members to expand the number of corporate members.
2. Build Brand awareness of SPM through social networking.
3. Offer marketing assistance with key initiatives.
4. Publish our brochure and support the work of John Grohol and Martha on the renovation of our website. Membership drive to get 1,000 individual members.

Higher Logic Update, Peter Elias

The entire membership was added on April 9th. When an SPM member’s name and email address is added to the platform system, the software (not an individual) sends an automated message with instructions on how to register and set one’s password. They will get system emails from the system as soon as their name and email are entered, but they will not get updates about *posts or other content* until they have registered. The ListServ will be closed after May 8th. New members will get an email welcoming them to the Higher Logic Forums.

Town Hall, Peter Elias and Danny Sands
We are pulling together plans to convene a Town Hal meeting on May 2. An advance agenda will be sent to the members through Higher Logic and the Newsletter. How to get the word out and support it? Agenda? About HL and Newsletter. We will use Uberconference as the platform.

Learning Exchange, Sarah Krug
One notification for the Learning Exchange has been sent. Another will follow.

Policy/Advocacy, Joe Ternullo
John Steiner has received several suggestions from members about policy and advocacy topics they would like to pursue. He is sifting through these and will get back to the Executive Committee.

Contributions to the Society
The Executive Committee is reviewing our process for acknowledging contributions. A thank you letter is automatically sent out but we discussed whether we should be doing more. This week we received two $500 contributions from members in India.

Social Events

We discussed the possibility of planning a summer get together and a Fall educational event. We will do something at the Connected Health conference which will be co-sponsored with HIMSS.

Full Board meeting on April 25,