Participants: Dave deBronkart, Peter Elias, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Sue Woods,

Minutes tabled for next meeting

Developing and recruiting leadership

There are four positions currently open which need to be filled: Pres-elect, Secretary, and 2 Members-at-large.  We decided to set a deadline of Oct 1, 2017 for identifying all nominees for these positions. We will take the next several weeks to vet the candidates and have an orderly transition on January 1.


We are planning our annual retreat with suggested dates of October 28 or November 5. Joe Ternullo has offered to host the retreat once again. We would like to have broad participation from the membership.


We are considering several strategies to invite attendees at the HIMSS Connected Health Conference in Boston in October to join S4PM. We also discussed our membership recruitment and retention strategies and determined we need to develop our membership recruitment strategy around the following:

Target # of members
Types of members
What pools to go fishing in for prospects
What is the “pitch”
What sort of collateral do we need?
How do we welcome new members to our organization?

SPM First Ever Fall Conference 

SPM has been offered the opportunity to do a one-day event preceding the Personal Connected Health Alliance Conference at the Seaport/World Trade Center in Boston, MA October 25.  We discussed whether we should sign an agreement to participate which does not financially  obligate us at this point.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously to sign the agreement  and move ahead to plan the conference.

Next meeting, full board, June 25