Participants: Dave DeBronkart, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Tyson Ortiz, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Susan Woods, Tracy Zervakis

Infrastructure and Process
We welcomed Tyson Ortiz, a member of Society who talked about the need to build our Society’s infrastructure by establishing processes that leverage our member’s skills and interests and establish defined ways to involve members and convert interest to action.
Danny Sands explained that we currently survey our members and maintain a spreadsheet on Google Docs that is available to all team members and leaders who can identify specific individuals to tap to help with their initiatives. We currently jave 20 individuals who have volunteered to help.

Membership Goals
Tracy Zervakis explained that our goal to increase membership to the Society this year is 1,000 – 1500 members and for that too we need a robust process to attract new people to S4PM.

Public Policy/Advocacy
We have a new committee on public policy/advocacy consisting of the following members: John Steiner. Chair, David Harlow, Ben Berlin and Ann Waldo. These individuals will meet and determine what public policy issues S4PM will get behind and lend its name to. They are all experienced individuals in healthcare public policy.

Recently three of our members: Susan Lin, Joe Ternullo, and Tracy Zervakis attended the Rare Disease Caucus in Washington D.C. We talked about how we can establish a greater presence in Washington on these issues of concern and discussed the potential for forging alliances with national organizations involved in public policy work. Sarah, Tracy and Danny are going to explore some options.

Newsletter Guidelines – Susan Woods
We talked about how we move ahead with our newsletter and what it takes to sustain a regular schedule for publication. We discussed our need to define our goals for the newsletter and whether going forward it is to be a forum for open discussion and opinion or a well-documented publications with researched articles. We need to include John Hoben in this discussion.

Higher Logic Peter Elias
Peter gave us an update of Higher Logic. Access has been provided to the Leadership and within a couple of weeks it will be available to the membership. We discussed options for how we are going to use Higher Logic and whether all content on it will be completely open to all members or whether there will be private sections where specific discussions including executive sessions of portions of board meetings might take place. We also discussed whether joining groups on Higher Logic should be opt in.