Participants:  Dave DeBronkart, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald

Minutes:  Approved

Higher Logic Update, Peter Elias
We currently have 141 individuals who have signed up and created a username and password giving them access to the Higher Logic Forums. We would like to increase those numbers to at least the 340 active subscribers of the listserv.   We want to encourage each of these users to be active participants. We are sending a link to Higher Logic, every time we send an email blast to the members of S4PM.
Outstanding questions are whether we need to develop metrics/milestones that measure how our members are using Higher Logic; how often and what they are doing with it.  There is also the question of whether we need guidelines instructing participants in all of the features and ways to use the program, including: discussion threads, private replies to posts, library documents, the number of log ins to the system, etc.  We are also looking for a name for the Forum such as SPM Connect.
We discussed our Facebook page and whether we should keep it as an open page.  No decision was reached.
We also discussed if we can l maintain the archives of the listserv.  John Grohol explained that there is no easy way to keep the listserv archives indefinitely.

Learning Exchange, Sarah Krug
The feedback on the recent Learning Exchange with the American College of Radiology was very positive.  An archive of the webinar has been stored and is available to members for viewing.
We hope to have another Learning Exchange in the Fall and are seeking S4PM members who would like to participate, as well as a sponsor for the session.  We are willing to tailor a theme for the Learning Exchange that would be agreeable to a sponsor.

Town Hall Recap – Peter and Danny
We had 21 members of S4PM who participated in the Town Hall including three international members. The Executive Committee decided that we should attempt to do this once a month.  The Town Hall was recorded and posted on Higher Logic and is available to the members.

Conferences, Danny, Joe
The Executive Committee voted to support, a long- term care conference: Technologies and Tactics Transforming Long-term Care, Friday, June 30, 2017 FHI 360 Conference Center, Washington D.C.   Our support will provide us with discounted passes.  The conference sponsors have invited one SPM member to serve as a speaker on a panel on population health.
We are talking with Connected Health and Health 2.0, both of whom have been acquired by HIMSS, about developing a one-day S4PM conference during Connected Health in the Fall. We discussed the question of whether to offer a free one year membership to the Society for all individuals who sign up for Connected Health and for the Fall Patient Experience Conference also to be held in Boston.

Database of Resources/links for our members, Peter
We discussed creating a database of resources/links for our members, which would reside on our website, with everyone contributing to it. Issues to address include how we curate these resources?

Communication update
There is a Mock Up of new Website on Freedcamp
Our new brochure will also be ready in the next few weeks.

Next meeting, full board,  May 23