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Participants: Dave DeBronkart, Judy Danielson, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Tyson Ortiz Mike Robkin, Burt Rosen, Danny Sands, Linda Stotsky, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods, Matthew Holt, Dave Dolton, Janice McMullan,
Minutes approved

Election Results

The Board congratulated Burt Rosen, Pres Elect and Janice McCallum,  Secretary
The Board recognized the service of Nancy Finn who served as secretary for over six years and the outstanding presidency this year of Joe Ternullo
The Board welcomed several new Board members. They include: Geri Lynn Baumblatt, Dave Dolton, Matthew Holt, Jan Oldenburg and Parika (Pinky) Petaipimol

Treasurer’s Report/Membership Report, John Grohol
Our finances are doing well with several new corporate sponsors. We also no longer pay a monthly salary to the JOPM editorial assistant with the JOPM/JMIR merger.

Membership, John Grohol, Tyson Ortiz Our membership numbers have increased but we are also losing members when they come up for renewal.
The membership committee including  Burt Rosen and Judy Danielson will be working over the next month to analyze why people are leave the organization and to identify our strengths and weaknesses. They will begin to build a team that will structure a sustainable membership program with aggressive recruitment and retention. A new membership survey will be sent out. The membership team is looking for additional volunteers to assist with this effort.

Advocacy Update, Nancy Finn
The Advocacy team recently posted the advocacy process and forms to our Google Drive. Those  documents  will provide the basis for evaluating topics that SPM might support. Advocacy will report back on issues and initiatives chosen for discussion at the next board meeting.

Journal, Sue Woods
Things are going well with the JMIR alliance. Six papers have been published; six are being reviewed and six are  in the queue and will be get published soon. We are reaching out to
out to academic centers, PCORI and BMJ North America  to find individuals who might serve on our editorial board.

SPM Domain Names, Danny Sands
We are adding domain names for the organization including info@participatory medicine for emails that come into the organization and member@participatory medicine for those members who might want to use that email address. We are considering migrating all of our domains to gmail. Danny Sands will administer this process and is looking for a volunteer who could work with him.
On our website we have added a new web page, which will enable our members to subscribe to different calendar feeds. We are going to send this out as an email alias as event @participatory We will have email groups for the board and Executive Committee This will be on the Google platform.

Governance, Danny Sands
We are not currently in compliance with our By Laws and we are reviewing the By Laws and a set of proposed amendments, to bring them up to date with our current practices.
Joe Ternullo has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and going forward the immediate past president will serve in that capacity.
We are establishing a governance committee with Dave Dolton as the chair.

Fellows Program, Danny Sands
We are looking at establishing a Fellows Program, where past presidents of SPM and former active members would become re-involved with the Society. A proposal will be presented at the next meeting.

Corporate Members, Danny Sands
We have a new corporate member, Dentaquest, one of largest dental insurers in the country)
Vocera and Accenture are co-sponsors of our Learning Exchange. Sarah Krug is meeting with them to develop an editorial schedule for these webinars.

Doc Tom Award
We need to begin to review candidates for the first Doc Tom award which will be presented at our Fall Conference.

Next meeting is Jan 23 4 pm. Our New Officers and board will be in place.