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Participants: Peter Elias, John Grohol, Sarah Krüg, Janice McCallum, Burt Rosen, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods

Announcements / Comments

Joe announced that he has a free pass available for HIMSS, which he procured as part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our relationship with HIMSS. [Subsequently given to SPM member.]

Danny announced that Matthew Holt has raised $15,000 for HIMSS travel fund. Note, the procedure this year will allow non-members to apply, but $50 of non-member travel award will be applied toward a membership.  Any leftover funds will stay in the SPM travel fund. Distribution of the funds will need to be coordinated with Alex Albin and the marketing team.

Sarah suggested that we ask awardees to contribute a write-up of some sort about their experience at the conference. Danny will try to raise the issue with Matt & HIMSS, but since there was no ask in the original application it will be voluntary this year. Sarah will craft language, if necessary.

Thoughts for the Year – Sue Woods

Sue described her decades of experience working on programs to help smokers quit. It was clear that nagging and lecturing didn’t work and the “work” of patients was not recognized. What did work was helping people get the help they need. She wants to apply learnings from her experience to SPM, to help patients get the information and services they need.

During her tenure as SPM President, she wants to focus on not just where we are, but where we are going and what we can accomplish. Among her passions are patient power and people power. How to arm people with the skills they need. One hurdle she sees in improving patient power: clinicians don’t have time to listen or embrace the power of the patient.

Also, she wants to go back to our roots/Doc Tom principles and perspective. She plans to talk with founders and members of SPM to gather input. Other priorities include exploring alliances with like-minded organizations, since we can’t do everything by ourselves. Sue feels very strongly about using the Journal of Participatory Medicine as a platform for communicating opinion pieces as well as research. The goal is to find shiny spots where patient power is a win-win situation.                                                                                      

Learning Exchange – Sarah Krug

She has had 2 meetings, the 2nd included Accenture. Planning 6 webinars this year. Mental health is one topic they’ve agreed on. A list of other topics have been brainstormed. The team is open to recommendations for other webinars and speaker recommendations for the mental health webinar.

Sarah needs helps with logistics for the webinars, specifically, GoToMeeting admin, including backend registration and moderating the dry-run and live webinar.

No definitive dates yet; need to confirm speakers first.

Town Hall – Peter

Plan for January Town Hall was dropped due to holidays. March Town Hall is planned for March 20, 7-8 pm ET. By end of February, he’ll need help with publicity for the first event. Future Town Halls will be held every other month.

Danny asked that Peter invite so that the event will automatically appear on the SPM calendar.

SPM Conference  Update – Joe, Sarah

Contract, logistics: Joe received the revised contract from Rich Scarfo, which incorporated most of the changes we requested. They agreed to reduce the percentage of revenue to HIMSS. Contract is posted on the Executive Board group on Connect. Danny needs to review the contract, but everyone else has reviewed it and is fine with it.

Programming: Sarah suggests we start thinking about how to differentiate the agenda from last year’s program and from events produced by other organizations. Last year’s event was awesome, but we need to keep improving. Sarah suggests we think about how to make it more interactive and build on resources available in the Boston community. Also, ask members for submissions of their own work.

We need to get a programming team together and confirm Sarah is the lead (confirmed during the call). The current conference group on Connect has 25 people, but they aren’t all going to be active participants. There’s agreement that we need better coordination than last year, where we ended up with too many speakers who agreed to speak.

Burt suggests starting with an outline of the story we want to tell over the day. Maybe crowd-source a couple of sessions, but more tightly control the others.

Sponsors:  Danny suggests we go after our existing sponsors & attract new sponsors. ACR wants to re-up this year and will triple their contribution, but initially said they only want to support the travel fund. We think we can get them to cover operational work, too.

Joe also mentioned that Danny, Dave Dolton & he are giving a presentation to NIST on March 15. Objective is to get NIST to write SPM into their grants that relate to participatory medicine.

Doc Tom Award (tabled, since neither Dave nor Nancy are at this meeting)

Journal – Update, Sue

Good news: reviewers are hitting their stride in processing article submissions.

Bad news: NLM Indexing was declined and NLM said we could re-apply in 2 years. JMIR suggests we try to re-apply in 1 year.

Membership – Burt

Burt has worked closely with Tyson and reports that he has made good progress in setting objectives and setting next steps for a membership and retention plan. Goal is to get something for people to look at in the next week or so.

Sue commented about the habit of offering free memberships for work done by non-members. She’d like to rein it in so that the membership committee manages offers like this. However, we’re still at the stage of building the framework & strategy and we don’t yet have a membership committee.


Jan and Sue had one conversation, but it’s still early in planning. They’ll create a target list.  

Communication / Newsletter, etc.

Sue would love to see a more frequent newsletter. Currently, it’s a quarterly newsletter, which is what Danny van Leeuwen has committed to.

SPM Efforts/Accountability – Liaisons, Reporting, etc.

Second page of agenda for this meeting lists the current SPM projects and operational areas of focus. Sue raised the issue of how best to maintain accountability for team leaders who are not board members. Danny asks for updates a week before the next meeting and involves the team leader in board meetings when appropriate. Sue wants us to consider including the team leaders in board meetings.

Danny has set up a folder on Google Drive for documents related to board activity. Everyone on the board has access to the folder and can read updates from all teams.

Dave Dolton is diving into Governance and has circulated a high-level document to get things started.

Moving forward First Line Software on the project that Geri Lyn Baumblatt started over a year ago to create database of SPM members who will be attending conferences listed on the SPM calendar.

Next Executive meeting is March 13, 2018 at 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice McCallum
SPM Board Secretary