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Board Members Present:  Danny Sands, Burt Rosen, Helene Clayton-Jeter, John Grohol, Debra Cobb, Eric Bersh, Jan Oldenburg, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods, Brian Eastwood, Judy Danielson, Sarah Krug

Board Members Not Present: Matthew Holt, Geri Lynn Baumblatt, Amber Soucy

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome and Level-setting                                    Sands

Congratulations to Geri Lynn Baumblatt for large meetup in Chicago.

Minutes from last two board meetings                 Approved


Treasurer’s Report (Financial and Membership)    Debra Cobb

Current bank balance: $151,257.


Conference Report                                                  Ternullo, Sands

Agenda posted. “Save the Date” email sent out. Sponsorship commitments. Joe advises registering soon. Discussion of whether grants should be made public.  Sponsorship spreadsheet moved to Sponsorship folder.


Governance Committee Report                             Sands, Ternullo

Action-oriented, and move forward.  Reading material will be available for Board. Recommendation was to have Executive Summary. Another suggestion was to put information on Connect for all to review. Bring in outside counsel for membership structure, By-Laws, general advice. Jan motions Board to find legal counsel and find budget.  Motion carried. Discussion about Staffing layer added to SPM. Plan needed to develop roles, fees, job description. Suggestion to tap Danny van Leeuwen to write up job description.


Signature Initiative                                                Jan Oldenburg

Discussion on Connect. Trying to open discussion in open meeting. Ways to attract additional members. What is nature of initiative and how to move forward.  Define who we are as an organization.  What sets us apart.  See what other orgs are doing. Possible interface with Deb Gordon.


Virtual Town Hall                                                  Eastwood

August 13, 7:30 ET.  Mary Hennings speaking on Strategic Plan and open discussion.


Elections                                                              Sands

Members-at-Large, President-Elect. Google doc available for recommendations.  Elections before end of year.


Member Roles Open                                           Sands

Newsletter Editor, Community Manager, Member-at-Large.

Adjourned at 7:08 — Next board meeting: August 27, 2019, 6 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary