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Members Present

Sands, Bersh, Cobb, Krüg, Rosen, Woods, Eastwood

Members Not Present

Grohol, Ternullo

Full attendance record available here.

Burt convened meeting.  Previous minutes approved.           Rosen

Conference Update                                                      Sands, Rosen

Behind in registrations.  Same level as last year with sponsorships.  Marketing effort going OK.  Speaker info in good shape.  Free admission to students under consideration.  Need to cross promote in social media.  Sue asks about technical registration. Sue will help with user interface. Speaker will be added on EHR.  Town Hall on Signature Initiative on 9/24, 7:30 p.m. ET. Board submits cell phone video re: “I will…” statement.  Burt will put up folder on Google Drive

Mitchell Grant                                                               Sands

Pro staff person. Sue suggests infrastructure; make manifesto actionable; Sarah suggests think about the grant from sustainability component and what will allow SPM to grow

Membership                                                                  Sands

Burt sent out welcome letters. Who will handle in future?  Deb Gordon heading it up.  Survey discussion.  Sue and Deb reaching out to former members

Doc Tom Awards                                                           Sands

Amber asking for nominees. Sue asks for members to suggest (via email)

President-elect candidate                                            Eastwood

Mary Hennings.  Bio and statement submitted. Motion and seconded.  Motion carried.  Pres-elect until April 1, 2020, then Pres.  Discussion around this; need a president-elect.  Brian Mack as possible Member-at-Large

Adjourn —

Next executive committee meeting: 10/8/19

Next board meeting: 9/24/19

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Bersh