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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Danny Sands, Randy Houk, Joe Ternullo, Debra Cobb, Vera Rulon, Judy Danielson, Jay Spitulnik, Dennis Reilly, Tim Blevins, Kistein Monkhouse

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome: Mary

Minutes from last Board meeting:  Bersh


Financial Report; Membership Report:  Cobb

$144,750.  328 active members.

Debra Cobb’s last meeting:  Hennings

Will stay on through transition.  Congratulations to her.  Danny adds his good thoughts.

Initiatives Report:  Hennings and Houk

Mary discusses how initiatives were prioritized.  CareQuest is shovel ready and being considered.  Five projects are in 1st priority.  Tim asks about the larger events project (will be considered later).  Mary shows the stair-stepping quality of development.  Tim asks about how confident we are that projects can be achieved in the projected time.  Dennis asks about the priority for revamping the website.  Mary says we need a plan to do the revamp, but there are funds to do it.  Randy has allotted $50K for website and Pavilion.  Danny says John Grohol is our webmaster.  We must find a way to improve the website.  Mary says we are looking to foundations that give unrestricted grants.  Dennis talks about the embarrassment factor regarding showing our website.  We should prioritize getting a better website ready ASAP, even if it is only temporary.  Judy talks about developing a landing page for Randy to use for funders.  Judy calls it making a “brochure website,” using materials we have today. Dennis thinks we need to go beyond a landing page.  All has to do with brand purpose.  Astra says it’s possible to have a multifunctional page for not a lot of money.  Danny says the original website design did not use a mobile-friendly template.  Kim Whittemore is putting together a new landing page that will work in mobile.  Randy says a website refresh is essential to our fundraising.  Judy asks initiative owners to provide us with what they would need on a website.  Dennis, Randy, Danny and initiative owners will convene about a website review.  Mary wants this group to be ready for next meeting on January 25, 2022.  Motion taken to adopt a website-first approach.

Budgets:  Houk

Shows two budgets: first, Moderate, grant dependent.  One-third will be for underserved communities.  Break-even budget.  Conservative budget more sponsor-dependent.  Lower than Moderate.  Docs are in Board folder.  Mary says expenses are variable.  Randy shows a Workplan.  Guides Randy as to tasks. Randy would like Board to look at the Foundations and let her know if they have a direct contact.  In the Board folder and in SPM development.  Randy will provide a link to the “organic” document.  Randy has a “Major Gifts” document.  These people tend to be very loyal, year after year.  Document will be updated on an ongoing basis.  Board should review before end of 2021.

Development:  Hennings

No discounts to lapsed members.  Year end requests for donations.  Letter to lapsed members getting them excited about re-joining.  Read Joe’s summary of compliance session with Karen Wu.

Executive Session



Need a Treasurer.  Respond about preferred communication channel.  Make a donation by end of year.

Adjourned at  7:3 — Next meeting: January 25, 2022, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary