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Members Present:  Hennings, Mack, Sands, Bersh, Cobb

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Welcome, Goals and Updates                                                                             Hennings

Begin discussion of Board strategy.

Minutes from Last Meeting


Status of ED Search                                                                                            Hennings

Lindsay de Santis is finalist.  To be determined: Year 1 expectations; start date between 6/15 – 6/30/2021. Discussion about how she will be paid.  Discussion about 30K in donations for 2021. May need an event to raise monies this year.  Meredith agreed to contribute 30K this year, which will cover Lindsay’s salary for 2021. Danny says we may be able to raise 30K without Lindsay’s help.

Strategy and how to monetize                                                                         Hennings

We need to define.  Judy, Brian, Mary to consult and bring ideas to Board. They will focus on the “how” we do it.

Board Recruiting

Governance committee will vet new Board members. New idea: any problems with candidate should be discussed with the proposer. Names should be sent directly to Mary. Okay to propose people who are not SPM members, but they need to join. Discussion of style re: what we want in a Board member (with list).  Mary discusses Executive Board committee membership. Danny suggests we can reimagine a different kind of EB.  Mary will show us Lisa’s suggestions at next meeting.

Open Mic/other issues                                                                                      Hennings

Geri got email from her meetup group asking if they can be in touch with SPM members re: participating in a hackathon.  Danny says post request on Connect. Mary talks about Michael Millenson mentioning section about long COVID.  Danny says if a member brings it up, they should participate in making it happen.

Feedback on today’s meeting

Send email to Mary.

 Adjourn — 7:00 p.m. EDT

Next executive committee meeting: 6/8/21

Next general board meeting: 5/25/21

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Bersh

Board Secretary