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Home » News » Executive Minutes » Executive Committee Minutes March 9, 2021

Members Present:

Hennings, Mack, Sands, Ternullo, Bersh

Full attendance record available here

Welcome, Goals and Updates                                            Hennings

  • Thoughts on a board member “job description.”
    • Mary reviews document
    • Danny draft. Would like “meaningful financial contribution” is good wording.
    • Joe wonders we should provide member with time commitment and benefits received.
      • Advancing the mission
      • Impact
      • Mary adds we’re not all in a single profession, but there’s a richness here
    • Thoughts on structure for committee charter template
      • Joe adds that document needs clarity, for example budget. He would like to see committees “break even”
      • Eric and Brian talk about an equitable ROI doesn’t have to mean finances. It can represent value
      • Joe talk about adding value to newsletter, via ads. Can it be done? Brian comments that yes, it’s possible if we can demonstrate ROI.  Brian’s particular focus is engagement
      • Joe says our corporate members represent a source of ad revenue
      • Danny asks would this backfire, since corporate members already pay a fee to join
      • Joe says no, he thinks corporations would welcome a new way to participate with SPM
      • Mary mentions that these issues raise questions for each of the committees and SPM as a whole
      • Brian agrees with Joe that a new way to advertise in the newsletter is a good idea
      • Joe talks about service on a committee being taken seriously when a budget is at stake (i.e., taking a risk by using funds from the treasury)
    • Thoughts on format for committee chair and officer job description
    • Role of Executive Committee
      • Board needs to study
      • Mary would like ED on board before final decision made
      • Danny talks about that it may be a good idea to re-define the qualifications of the EC
    • Other business

ED Search Update

  • Currently, 8-9 candidates. Number will be whittled down before interviews. Mary thinks we will have at least 2 for consideration
  • Thinks we will have it done in early April


  • Chapter inquiry about a new chapter in Nigeria (Moses). Contacted Burt.
  • Joe comments that we need to be careful about Nigeria(??). Worries that anything we put in writing about financial matters puts us in jeopardy.

Minutes from Last Meeting                                                   Hennings

  • Minutes are approved.

Feedback on today’s meeting

Send email to Mary.

 Adjourn — 7:00 p.m. ET

Next executive committee meeting: 4/13/21

Next board meeting: 4/22/21

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Bersh

Board Secretary