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Home » News » Executive Minutes » Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, December 21, 2021

Members PresentMary Hennings, Danny Sands, Eric Bersh, Joe Ternullo, Judy Danielson

Full attendance record available here. 

Welcome: Mary

Minutes from last committee meeting      

Not discussed.

Working on Initiatives and Communication among Members – Mary                           

People should provide their resumes and supporting materials if they want to participate on committees.  Several SPM members have recently volunteered to be on Committees.  Joe suggests each committee deal with volunteers in their own way.  There have been several comments on Connect that have offended members, calling them names.  Danny says we need a plan so this type of confusion doesn’t happen again.  He mentions: 1) Urgent communication back to membership; 2) Communicate to members about etiquette on Connect; 3) explains how we’ve dealt with this in the past, using a community manager to give people helpful feedback on Connect etiquette.  Judy says several members are not aware of our new plans.  Mary suggests a Town Hall to talk about our new direction.  Mary continues: we need to find a way to get this done with all the other projects we have on our plate. Membership committee asks how we make Connect more friendly, better.  Judy: We should be asking if Connect is the right platform for us?  Danny: When there’s a diversity of ideas, we will have the same issues on whatever platform we use.  Judy: What does it mean to be a member organization?  Mary asks for Executive Committee thoughts about how we communicate to members before the new year.  Danny: What we can do quickly is tell members in general that there are lots of new activities afoot that will be introduced in January.  Joe suggests all communication be handled by Randy.   Mary thinks this is not the time to do that.  We need a community monitor to handle Connect or any other platform.  Mary wants help with a “direction” message to the wider membership from Board members and ExComm.  Danny: Maybe this is an opportunity to invite members to help with Town Halls and Newsletter.  Joe reads a note from a member about volunteering to work on newsletter three hours/month.  Danny will respond to him.  

Randy Project Update – Joe

Possibility of conflict of interest issue involving using Board members to do production work.   We are developing a conflict of interest policy with the help of counsel to address any concerns. 

General Update

Sue Woods requests that she attend Board meetings.  It’s not in the by-laws that Journal editors can attend meetings but has been a tradition.  To be discussed in the next meeting. 

Adjourned at  7:06 — Next meeting: January 11, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary