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Members PresentMary Hennings, Eric Bersh, Randy Houk, Danny Sands, Jay Spitulnik, Vera Rulon, Liz Boehm, Dan Halpern-Ruder, Brenda Merriweather, Cindy Hale, Astra Titus (to receive honor), Mary Quilty

Welcome: Mary

Approve Minutes: Vote:

Danny motion, Jay second.  Unanmous.

Resoution & Farewell: Vote

Danny. Jay. Unanimous vote to honor Astra Titus.

Casey Quinlan Doc Tom Award: Discussion, Vote

Danny. Vera.  Unanimous approval for resolution for Casey Quinlan.

Cindy Hale Introduction

Marketer in healthcare.  Honored to be part of Board. Her area is home health tech. Helps people move to what’s next in their life.  A brand expert. Once owned a large agency. Currently acting as consultant. Cancer survivor. 

ED Update: Randy

Review of budget vs. actuals for February. 14K under budget. Available in the Board agenda folder on Google Drive.  Review of dashboard (updated daily). New contribution to OHSU Department of Informatics and Clinical Epidemology CLE from Bill Hersh (2K). Highlights in purple mean coming along well. Green means active. Jay explains “Hot Topics.”  This is toward a CLE event with Jay’s school: Northeastern U, Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Danny and Liz working on Med Ctr. at Yale, NH Hospital. Randy asks Board for one introduction from each member to discuss future CLE sponsorships (personal introduction is best way to get “hot” lead).  Mary Quilty eager to help and will examine her contacts for possibilities.  Randy and Mary will discuss Bristol-Meyers/Squib.  Randy says we need to vote on her fundraising plan. Plan displayed for Board members. Goal is for CLEs for 2023.  So far, Portland has scheduled.  Four others in progress. Goal to raise 10K in corporate memberships. Goal of 157K for CLE sponsorships.  Vera makes motion.  Vote is unanimous.

OHSU CLE Development: Mary, Danny, Matthew

  • Mary says we are close on content.  TED-talk style intro. Panel headed by doctor who leads narrative medicine department.  Several other panels, including patients. Cambia administrator will head up another panel. Need to fill other panel speakers. OHSU needs to find three other speakers.  Needs a health equity panelist. Kristen Ternullo working on collateral for marketing effort. She needs testimonials from SPM board members (headshot and quote). Sandra Augustin helping with material design.
  • ICD Event (Danny); Patient Experience event. Discussing the possibility of CLE in Boston. Nancy Finn republishing her book dedicated to SPM.  Possible book signing event in Boston (as a meetup event) June 13, 5:30 p.m. in Cambridge. Mary talks about hopefully making this kind of event part of a regular meetup schedule.  Membership committee working on a template that can be used for other cities for these kinds of meetings.  Jay talks about meetups with professional organizations. Danny discusses a member’s tool that allows members to publicize events they will be attending. Look for it in Membership section of website. 

Membership: Discussion

  • Meetups (see above). Newsletter coming out in mid-April. Corporate membership parameters will be presented to Board in near future.

Governance Terms

  • Mary shows terms stored on Google Drive. Three year terms standard. Start date is January, 2023. Board can extend term by vote. Motion to approve Jay / Dan.  Approved unanimously.
  • Governance: Must set an annual meeting (NY state requires this). Mary asks that the annual meeting this year be 3/28/23. In following years will be January. Motion to approve: Vera / Dan.  Approved unanimously.
Reminder to return conflict of interest statement.

Motion to adjourn:

Vera motions. Dan seconds.  Unanimous.

Adjourned at  7:28 p.m. EDT.  Next meeting: April 25, 2023, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary