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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Jay Spitulnik, Danny Sands, Mary Quilty, Eric Bersh, Matthew Holt, Brenda Merriweather, Dan Halpren-Ruder, Liz Boehm, John Grohol, Vera Rulon

Welcome: Mary H.

Approve Minutes: Vote

Dan/Vera.  Approved.

 Vote to address change/acct. signatory change

  • Remove Randy Houk and Matthew Holt as signatories. Add Mary H and Danny Sands. Vera motions, Mary seconds.  Approved unanimously
  • Official address change: Danny motions; Vera seconds. New address: 56 Solon Street, Newton, MA 02461
  • Address change for mail to PO Box 610231 Newton Highlands, MA. Mary Q motions.  Matthew seconds.
  • Dan Halpren-Ruder to take over as Treasurer. Danny motions. Vera seconds.

 Review 2024 Budget: Mary

  • Prepared by Jennifer (accountant). Her contract needs to be renewed
    • Danny motions; Dan seconds. Approved

Blog Calendar Update: Eric & Mary

  • Kim can only do occasional SoMe updates
  • Dan H-R will contribute in about 3 months a PM story about life transitions
  • HIMSS paper from Dan/Jay is potential
  • Brenda discusses language barriers as potential. What is the nurse’s role?  Vera may be able to help
  • Mary Q. idea – 5 ways to work with your interpreter
  • Mary H: the frame for new blogs is “driving the value of PM to our constituents”

Foundations Work: Danny and Mary

Board Member recruitment: Discussion

  • Do we want to bring on new members?
    • Mary Q. advisory vs. volunteer leadership
  • Long discussion commences with disagreements
    • Continuing discussion reserved for next meeting

New Business: All

  • Not discussed

Adjourned at  7:32 p.m. EDT.  Next meeting: February 13, 2024, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary