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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Jay Spitulnik, Danny Sands, Mary Quilty, Eric Bersh, Matthew Holt, Brenda Merriweather, Dan Hapern-Ruder

****Also review expanded notes in email from Mary H on 1/12/23****

Welcome: Mary H

Approve Minutes: Vote

  • Dan/Cindy. Approved unanimously

Getting Organized: update-discussion

  • Budget needed – bookkeeper will set up
  • io = free email
  • Randy would like letter of recommendation
  • Randy must be removed as signatory on bank account
  • Danny has volunteed his house address as the SPM business address

Operational status update: Mary Q

  • Review of Mary Q’s 2 week Agile Sprints deck
  • Many meetings required. Needs discussion as people may not have the time
  • Danny: how long are sprint meetings? 2 hours.  Could try at 1 hour or 90 mins.
  • Mary feels we should use the Agile method, but board needs to decide how much time they can devote
  • Mary H: marketing very important, but we need to get beyond the basics. Suggests we try the agile approach for a month or two before deciding this is right approach
  • Danny: we need all hands on deck for sprint calls. Will create an email template for interviews; wonders if we can do a grant, but we need to get started first.  Suggests Agile may not be necessary in earliest stages of strategic planning.  We may not need weekly meetings at earliest stage of project. Or short meetings, based on the content
  • Cindy: start with full team communication, then alter depending upon circumstances
  • See Liz’s Workplan in Strategy section of Google Drive
  • Jay says he cannot do weekly sprints. Will act in Advisory role.  Will do interviews
  • Mary H will send a doodle poll to identify a weekly time for a base touch

uSchool update: Mary Q

  • Mary H, Mary Q, Danny, Liz met to discuss. Liz created a workplan and interview guide.  Need to start interviewing after Jan 22
  • Need to be thinking on several levels if you want change (philosophy of uSchool. Grew out of MIT Ctr for Learning).  Called the Presencing Institute, “supports global movement for planetary healing and civilization regeneration”
  • Mary Q. reviews deck about the uSchool
  • Danny’s video on SPM YouTube Channel:

Blog and SoMe update: Eric

  • Delayed to next meeting

Board member capabilities we need

  • Delayed to next meeting

Adjourned at  7:35 p.m. EDT.  Next meeting: March 12, 2024, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary