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Calendar of Events, Conferences, and Meetings

Here’s a Google Calendar of SPM’s team meetings and special events.  To submit an event to the calendar, “invite” events[at] as a guest.

At bottom see instructions for subscribing to or linking to this calendar.


Subscribe to this calendar:

Instructions for commonly used calendars:

  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Google (but since this is already a Google Calendar, the easiest way is to just subscribe by clicking the plus sign in the lower-right corner of the calendar)
  • Microsoft Outlook

Here’s the iCal link.

If yours isn’t one of these, see its instructions for how to subscribe to a Google Calendar.

To just copy an individual event to your calendar without subscribing to the calendar, just click on the event, then click on “Copy to my calendar.” This allows you to copy the single event to your calendar, but without any subsequent repeats of the event. Also, if the event is ever updated by the creator of the event the changes will not be reflected on your calendar.