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SPM 2018 Conference Videos

Here are speakers’ presentations at the 2nd annual Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM) Conference, held in Boston, Massachusetts on October 17, 2018. Also, please check out the conference graphic recordings.


Inventing a Surgery is One Thing…To Actually Get It, Lead Doctors, Build Trust, Make Emotional Sense
Doug Lindsay


Supporting the Care Between the Care: The Role of the National Library of Medicine
Patti Brennan, Director of National Library of Medicine


The Healthcare World is Changing — Our Time Is Now!
Chief Innovation Officer of UPMC, Rasu Shrestha MD MBA


Discussion Panel with Rasu Shrestha, Patti Brennan, and Doug Lindsay


Personal Health Information is Saving Grace
Empowered Mother/Daughter Duo Angela and Grace Kennedy


Transforming Patient Voices into Hard Data
Kristina & Kate Sheridan on Being E-Parents & E-Patients


The Patient Doctor Tango
Sarah Krug, CANCER 101


Data Ocean or 1,000 Lakes? The Balkanization of Health Data
Bill Marder of IBM Watson Health


Putting the “Care” Back in Healthcare: Technology-Supported Relationship
Ivan Handler and Casey Quinlan


The Future of Medicine Begins with the Patient
Jason Bobe


Health is the New Wealth: How Tokenized Health Data Changes the Game
Brennen Hodge, founder of Citizen Health


Talking Mental Health: A Live Psych Central Show Podcast!
Gabe Howard & John Grohol,