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To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, “A compass will point you to true north, but it doesn’t show you the swamps. If you get bogged down, what’s the use of knowing the direction?” When on a journey, it’s a good policy to periodically take inventory of the landscape in order to avoid obstacles and pitfalls that might impede progress.

The Society for Participatory Medicine is in the midst of just such an exercise — acknowledging the progress that has been made to date, while double-checking our direction and keeping an eye out for stumbling blocks as we work toward a collective vision for the future. Our guide in this process is Lisa Thompson of Sturbridge Growth Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in assisting non-profit associations.

The SPM community is encouraged to join us for our next SPM Town Hall, scheduled for Wednesday, July 15th from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (EST). We’ll get to meet Lisa and hear a little about the collaborative work she is doing with the Society. The majority of our time will be dedicated to conversation with you, our members. We want to hear your opinions on where we’ve been as well as your aspirations for where we should be headed! Login information for the Zoom call can be found on the SPM Calendar.

For questions regarding SPM Town Hall meetings, please contact Brian Mack, Board Member-at-Large via SPM Connect.


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.