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Health Education vs. Outcomes

The Pew Internet Project has found that the internet has a significant impact on decisions about which school to attend, but it does not play a big role in other “major life moments.” Is there something similar in health care? Are there conditions and diseases which are more likely to yield to an e-patient’s ability to change the outcome? Is it enough that e-patients are more informed and feel empowered by information, or should we expect more?

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Three Simple Rules

When in 2002 we came out with our bold new concept of “information therapy” I was sure that Tom would love the idea of doctors or health plans prescribing information to consumers. He didn’t. He was concerned that the prescribed information from clinicians would undermine the patient’s right or ability to search for information from other self-helpers…

…I think I am there—but then Tom might still not agree—for I still think that the self-help world will work better when the patient is also being prescribed information as a part of the process of care.

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