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Participatory Evidence: Opportunities and Threats

In medicine, evidence separates modern scientific treatment from folk art. Medical evidence is acquired through observation, experimentation, and information sharing in scientific peer-reviewed journals. When new treatments are used, millions of patients around the...

Peer Review and Reputation Systems: A Discussion

Can we trust traditional peer review? If it’s broken, how might we fix it? These questions are put to a panel of experts in this Journal of Participatory Medicine podcast. The spirited discussion accompanies 2 articles on the subject in JPM’s inaugural issue: ...

In Search Of an Optimal Peer Review System

Abstract Summary: After 30 years of practicing peer review and 15 years of studying it experimentally, I’m unconvinced of its value. Its downside is much more obvious to me than its upside, and the evidence we have on peer review tends to support that jaundiced view....