In recent days I’ve noticed some discussion on the listserv about whether and to what extent Health IT should be of concern to e-patients.  I’d like to update the group on one initiative in that domain.

In March, The Federal Health IT Strategic Plan was released in draft form – See: ONC Seeks Comment on the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2011-2015 | Health IT Buzz –

At that time, I solicited input from members of the Society and submitted comments on behalf of SP4M on one section of the Plan, “Goal IV: Empower Individuals with Health IT to Improve their Health and the Health Care System” – See: SPM Comments on Goal IV of Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2011-2015 –

Last week, ONC released the revised Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 | Health IT Buzz –

I am pleased to report that I see a number of our recommendations incorporated into the final plan  (see pp. 36ff of the plan document for Goal IV – direct link to PDF:, and a number of others acknowledged as issues to be contended with over the coming years.  I am reaching out to ONC to see whether folks there will be open to including S4PM in the roster of organizations to be represented in future discussions on these issues and/or whether they are open to dialogue with the Society in other formats.

— David

David C. Harlow ∙ Principal