Participants:  Nick Dawson, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, Danny Sands, Sarah Krug, Joe Ternullo, Peggy Zuckerman

Minutes Approved

Research Library Danny Sands

Weill Cornell Medical School and the Society for Participatory Medicine have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a research library in Participatory Medicine.  Planning will begin in the coming weeks.

SPM Member Communication Platform, Danny Sands

Communication is the core of what we do and how we function.  A small group from the Executive Committee along with a few members are reviewing the possibilities for establishing a more up to date option for member communication, including platforms, suppliers and budget.  They will report back to the Executive Committee

IT Resources, Danny Sands

We need a working IT committee to help John Grohol manage our technical needs.  We are looking for members who might have that expertise to volunteer their help.

Conference Visibility, Danny Sands

We have volunteers who will run receptions Health 2.0 and Connected Health This Fall.  We do not have anyone for Medicine X which is in Palo Alto, CA in September.  If anyone is interested, please contact Danny or Donna.

Donna and Danny have created a letter to be sent to potential sponsors of conference events.

Website, Danny Sands

John Grohol is leading an initiative to review the SPM website, assess the changes we need for a more effective design and communication format that would fold in the JOPM and web sites into one SPM site.  We are currently working with an old version of WordPress that involves coding each time we make a change.

Learning Exchange, Sarah Krug

Sarah is working with the Learning Exchange webinar team:  Jon Wald, Peter Elias and Nancy Finn to have our initial webinar launch by the end of September.

Fundraising Update, Danny Sands

We are refining and completing Kyra’s fundraising proposal document and putting together a list of prospects.