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Attendees: Tabitha Kerkove , Jon Lebkowsky, Marcela Musgrove,  Nancy Finn, Brett Shamosh

Not able to attend: Chia Hwu, Chung Lim, Kathleen O’Malley, Cheryl Greene, Dave deBronkart, Emily Hackel, Ritalinda Lee

Agenda: Review of Strategic Plan

Jon reported that the Strategic Goals have not been ratified, but were accepted by the Board. There may be some additional changes coming.

The Mission of the Society needs to be clarified. It does not delineate that the Society is for doctors / and or other healthcare providers, patients, and the research community. The work of the Patient/Provider Patient rights and principles team might help to clarify the mission.

It was noted that  participation from the research community has dropped off. We need to focus  more on letting research people know that this channel for their research exists.

Discussion of how to involve more members in social media. Ongoing work of this team include:

Setting up a list of all members in Twitter

Production of an online newspaper from that list that is published daily. People seem to like this newspaper and it seems to be having an impact.

Actions items include:

Getting people more involved in a Twitter chat or in discussions on facebook.

We need to add Google Plus to our social media involvement and invite more people to join Google Plus and share information. It would be particularly important to researchers. We could potentially create a circle with all SPM members (on G+) in the circle.

We need more people to get involved with Twitter and other social networks. One of the ways is to have more hang-outs with members. There are also other G+ functions including Huddle and Sparks that we should look at.

Tabitha is doing a lot on Linked In – There is opportunity to bring up participatory medicine in other groups and start conversations. Members of the other groups will often check and see your membership in the SPM group; this is one way we’re picking up new members of the LinkedIn group.

Other Suggestions:
Increase visibility to media and healthcare professionals to promote the Society.

Create a section on the website listing all of the social networks that people can get involved in as well as forums.

Hold social media campaigns once a month make a concerted effort to say this is the society and this is how people can learn more about it

Put new articles in the journals

Write articles for other blogs and on the web publicizing the Journal

Create an email to dump links to Check Facebook

Media Watch – content… and how content gets up there.

Discussion of how we can measure what we are doing; how to boost what we are doing; and how we find out what the numbers are; how the numbers are driven — e.g. who is tweeting or who is adding to Facebook?

Question – Do we have a survey of how people found out about the Society, where they saw mentions of the Society and what triggered them to join?

Long discussion on Hashtags: Use of #WHYPM hashtag vs #S4PM hashtag and which one we should be using. Conclusion is that we should use both and track the usage. The #WHYPM hashtag pushes the concept of participatory medicine and the #S4PM pushes the brand of the society.