Link to PDF of bellow Working Draft (with flowchart image)

4 SPM pillars defined. Intent is to define pillars that support SPM mission with intent of understanding all initiatives underway/planned and categorizing them accordingly.

I. Research (Sarah/Sue)

Provide a participatory medicine forum for collaborative research exchange and evidence based practice project collaboration.

a. Research Library-hub for existing literature

b. Research Engagement-SPM member involvement in future research

c. Journal


Journal needs to be further tied to SPM brand, while maintaining editorial independence. Many not aware that they are connected. Twitter accounts are separate for instance. Is there a way to integrate? Can we make full access to the journal a value of membership with limited access to non-members?

II. Education & Resources

Provide resources, reference tools and best practice standards that support participatory medicine.

a. Best Practices (idea?) Call to Action from members–both docs and patients: simple steps and examples that we may be doing or stumble on through research that promote how to adopt participatory medicine into practice.  What simple steps can a patient take to become more engaged in their care and what can they do during the clinical encounter to allow for a more successful partnership? What simple steps can a dr. (or members of the healthcare team) do to engage their patient? White paper summary.

Simple ideas like a dr writing 3 questions on a whiteboard in the exam room where patient is prompted to ask/remind the dr to address certain issues.

b. Blog (needs to be more tied to SPM)

c. CME (David Harlow)

d. Resource Repository

— Healthcare system Overview- there are so many rich discussions that take place on listserv and often times complex interfaces are discussed. Would be a great to have a broad healthcare system overview (everything from drug and development within pharma to how insurance works to cover costs of care), healthcare reform in a nutshell, and even a data dictionary where certain terms can be housed (What is HIMSS? What is CMS? What is ONC?)

–How to be an e-patient

–Tools and advice for patients  (e.g.“You’ve been told you have cancer, now what?” )

e. Journal

f. Ambassador Program-Training with standardized PowerPoint decks (toolkit) to be used by SPM volunteers that agree to be representatives and speak at conferences and webinars to raise awareness around participatory medicine movement.

f. Guidelines (Alan Greene)

g. Webinars with guest speakers

III. Advocacy & Policy

a.Gold Seal Program-(Alan Greene)

b. Summary of Call for Comments (David Harlow) – commentary on proposed Federal and state legislation and trying to influence policy in other ways. Summary of all work that’s been done to date in one place with a background statement/history outlined, SPM’s commentary, and then final outcome of policy.

IV. Community

Encourage collaboration and networking among members and organizations who are ambassadors for the participatory medicine movement.

a.    Discussion board ( idea?)–NEED SOLUTION FOR LISTSERV

Is there a way to maybe have initial email sent out where all responses get captured on a blog or web based archive where members can go voluntarily? The other advantage of having conversations archived on website rather than on email is that similar issues can be referred to the website.

b. Events (Idea?)

c. YouTube platform (Why I joined SPM?)- A video campaign that raises awareness around SPM through Twitter and Facebook etc.

d. External Communication Plan

e. Speakers database

f. Partnerships with other orgs

g. Social Media Outreach


IV Governance

The Strategic planning effort must look at the structure of SPM. the board, the editorial board, the interface between all the arms of the organization. If the organization is not efficient, well structured and sound, these initiatives and agendas will not get off the ground and cannot succeed.  It seems to me as a 501c3 we must have some bylaws and a governance structure and that needs to be reviewed and probably revised to reflect a stronger more intricate organization that can accomplish what we have set out above.