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Home » News » Board Minutes » Board Meeting Minutes, September 26, 2017

Participants: Alex Albin, Dave DeBronkart, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, Terry Graedon, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Burt Rosen, Vera Rulon Danny Sands, Linda Stotsky, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald

Minutes approved

Introductions of new board member Burt Rosen, marketing department Healthsparq been in marketing 30 years. Television, digital agencies, etc.

Conference Update

As of a  September 10, 17  individuals were registered  for the conference.  Sarah is doing a spectacular job putting together an outstanding conference program that includes a lot of patient speakers
Kudos to Judy and team for great marketing effort
Danny and Geri Lynn identifying fund raising opportunities
We will have a booth in the CHC exhibit hall

Marketing and Social Media
Social media efforts are fired up and we are getting a lot of traction. 500 more impressions than in Aug;
We have sent Mail chimp mailings talking about the conference to our members.
We need to post materials on Connect and get a conversation going on the conference among our members.
We have been reaching out to groups of patient-led communities to generate questions and interest.
Travel fund messaging has gone out to members.

Fundraising Pipeline
We now have co-sponsors: Accenture and Vocera  pledged to fund our Learning Exchange program.
Pulse Infoframe has offered to put the society members into their data registries at a discount This is a tangible member benefit

Journal Update
Terry Graedon reported that an agreement has been finalized with the JMIR to bring the Journal for Participatory Medicine, (JOPM,) under the JMIR umbrella. We are working to convert several submissions to the JOPM into the JMIR format. JMIR requires a $1500 fee to submit a research paper to any of their journals.
We still need reviewers and members of SPM to serve on the JOPM editorial board.
Our three co-editors Terry & Joe Graedon and Charlie Smith will continue as editors of the Journal in the transition. Eventually Joe and Charlie will step down. Terry has agreed to remain as editor of the Journal.

Patient Scholarship Fund. Alex Albin
Policies and Procedures: We have developed a Google form for people who want to request money to help them with travel for the upcoming conference. This fund is supported by a grant from the American College of Radiology. We need feedback from the board on the form.
Our award policy is that an SPM member can apply once for a scholarship award. They are required to tell us how they are using the money. We are asking award recipients to serve as notetakers at the Round Tables on the day of the conference.

Advocacy Update, Vera Rulon
The Advocacy Team  will  choose a project in the near term.

Retreat Planning
The retreat is planned for October 28 at the home of Joe Ternullo in Lynnfield MA.

Leadership Development
We are seeking candidates for the positions of President Elect, Secretary, and Members At Large for the 2018 calendar year.