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Participants: Peter Elias, John Grohol, Janice McCallum, Burt Rosen,Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods

Minutes from February Executive Board Meeting approved.  

Announcements / HIMSS Comments

SPM had a good number of members attending the HIMSS18 conference. We awarded patient travel funds to about 8 people. Danny suggested that we offer more guidance to patient award recipients next time to prepare them for the massive HIMSS annual conference. Janice pointed to a post by HISTalk that offered suggestions on how to prepare patient attendees for HIMSS. [Note that another SPM member posted HIStalk post on Connect, which generated some divergent ideas on the value of preparing patient travel award recipients for the conferences they attend.]

Learning Exchange – Sarah Krüg

Tabled, since Sarah wasn’t able to join the call.

Town Hall – Peter Elias

Peter described the plan for the March 20, 2018 Town Hall virtual event. It will begin with a 5-minute introductory discussion then will open for questions from the audience. Danny Sands, along with several other SPM board members will be on the call.

SPM Conference  Update – Joe Ternullo, Sarah

Contract, logistics:  Joe reported that we have a signed contract from Rich Scarfo of HIMSS/PCHA for the conference.

Programming:  Sue and Jan offered some updates on conference programming from the event committee meetings. Basic agenda for the day is taking shape; marketing team will help decide on title. (See: for current SPM18 agenda.)

The urgency for deciding upon the title and obtaining at least 1 keynote speaker was emphasized, since we need to announce the conference and begin promoting it in May.

Doc Tom Award (tabled)

Efforts/Accountability – Liaisons, Reporting, etc. – Sue Woods

Sue attached a version of the Who Does What spreadsheet to guide a discussion of accountability for ongoing projects and regular operational activities and went through each focus area/project to get a status update.

Communication / Newsletter, etc.  – Sue Woods

Sue raised issue of difficulties many board members are having in creating, linking to and in finding documents on Google Drive. Danny is planning a tutorial led by FirstLine Software. Initial agenda is available here. Suggestions for other topics are welcome.

Also, Sue reported that she plans to donate video conferencing service to SPM for 2 years. She’s investigating options for video conferencing services, including JoinMe, Uberconference, Zoom, Webex, and BlueJeans (Janice suggestion).

Next Executive meeting is April 10, 2018 at 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice McCallum
SPM Board Secretary