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Did you know that the Society has a Travel Scholarship Fund available for to help eligible patients and caregivers offset travel costs to as they share their participatory medical journey and show how they are apart of the solution and not the problem? Enabling patients to document their personal experiences at professional medical conferences is powerful. These conferences are important, and it is important that members of the professional medical community hear patients’ voices.  In return, the Society requests that attendees share their experience by a variety of mechanisms including social media channels, blog posts for the Society, white paper, republication of articles that come out of the conferences, or something we have not thought of yet. And, of course, a shout-out to @S4PM would be awesome!  Anything that helps spread the word!

To qualify for the Travel Fund, you must be a member of the Society.  Enroll here. To apply for funds, go here. Please give two to three weeks for review. We will give out scholarships as long as we have funds to do so.

These funds are available through generous donations from a variety of private and public partners including the American College of Radiology, Health 2.0, HealthSparq, and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The Travel Fund is a direct reflection of the Society of Participatory Medicine’s mission to empower patients. We need to grow the fund to continue our outreach. It you would like to be a part of this important work you can make your tax-deductible donation here (scroll down to Donate to the Travel Fund). In 2017 the Society was able to provide scholarships to over 20 patients and caregivers. In 2018, we were able to send 10 people to HIMSS!  Please help us send more members to a broader range of conferences this year. If you have a medical conference you would like to attend please apply! And, if you are interested in supporting our work helping empower patients please donate. We look forward to receiving your application and supporting dollars! If you have any questions please find us at