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December 11, 2018 Combined Board Meeting (due to Christmas holiday, executive committee & full board meetings were combined)

Participants: Judy Danielson, Dave Dolton, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Janice McCallum, Burt Rosen, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo

Approved minutes from November Executive Committee meeting

Treasurer’s Report (Financial and Membership)   

John Grohol reported that we have $104K in bank. Our membership hasn’t really changed; we are ending the year at about the same number as we had last year.

Danny asked about our annual budget; John replied that at present our annual budget is approximately $12,000.

Danny raised the issue that our bylaws say we should have finance committee. We haven’t in the past because our revenue & expenses have been so low & it has been easy for our Treasurer (John) to manage. However, since our 1st conference last year, our revenues and sponsorships are higher and we should consider establishing a finance committee.

Preliminary 2018 Conference Financials

We raised $17,500 (net of all expenses) on the conference.  Last year we made about $10K, so it’s a substantial increase, due to an increase in sponsorships.

Leadership for 2018 – Crunch Time – Please Review Tab 3

Danny recounted current number of board members and stressed the need for President-elect and Treasurer candidates. He noted that Dave deBronkart, Dave Dolton, Peter Elias,  & Nancy Finn are all stepping down from the board at year end, so we have other non-executive board positions open.  Joe pointed out that we have the flexibility to expand the board at any time during the year, so we could add another non-executive board member at a later time.

There was discussion about specific candidates for President-elect and other openings. Updates to core profiles and level of interest can be found on the Leadership spreadsheet.

In response to a question from Janice, Danny said the next step in selecting candidates for President Elect will be to have Burt, Joe & Danny interview them.

Joe has found a possible candidate for Treasurer, but she doesn’t want to be on the board.

Danny proposed that Joe Ternullo become co-chair along with Danny. At outset of S4PM, Dave deBronkart & Danny we co-chairs. Danny asked that comments on this proposal be sent to him in private.

Joe expressed that he wants to see a consistent effort of developing the organization with corporate members so that we can fund initiatives that members want.

Governance Updates

Lynda Mitchell, an S4PM member with significant experience in non-profit governance, will lead the governance committee, and Jan Oldenburg and Janice McCallum will continue to serve on the committee.

Backpack Health

Backpack Health, a health data aggregator, is becoming a new corporate member.

Board Retreat Date and Agenda: Jan 25-26

A small group is reviewing Burt’s agenda and will share it with others before the retreat. Burt listed a few key topics, including: what type of organization do we want to be (member-driven, board-driven, hybrid); what are key objectives in 2019. He wants all sessions to have some activity & some resolution and will assign owners to lead and execute initiatives.

After the retreat, Burt plans to frame a strategic plan that we can share with sponsors and members.

General outline for retreat schedule: Friday, go out to dinner. Saturday, full-day. Morning: intros/ice breaker, do speed SWOT, discussion of what role members should play; what are our priorities in 2019. Lunch. Afternoon: tactical planning for those goals; break into groups. Assess whether plans align with goals. Ask people to volunteer for things.

Joe suggested we do some pre-work to help us cover an ambitious schedule.

2018 Year-In-Review — Please Add To Document

Danny: Thanks Sue for her leadership; John Grohol for his long service as Treasurer. In addition, Dave deBronkart, Dave Dolton and Peter Elias are stepping down from the board. Our thanks go out to all of them.

Adjourn — Next exec committee meeting: Jan 8;  Next full board meeting: Jan 22

Respectfully submitted,
Janice McCallum
SPM Board Secretary