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Home » News » Board Minutes » Executive Committee Minutes, January 8, 2019

Participants: John Grohol, Janice McCallum, Burt Rosen, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods

Minutes from December 11 combined board/exec committee meeting  approved


Short discussion about the uptick in quantity and quality of communications on Connect.

Sue stated that she still wants to do a survey to gauge membership interests and build on what’s working into 2019.

Leadership  Google sheets list

We haven’t held elections yet; we’re behind schedule in electing new slate of board members. The 2 new candidates for the board, Helene Clayton-Jeter and Amber Soucy, along with Joe Ternullo as co-chair have received: 6 yes votes in the online poll.

The 3rd potential candidate, Mary Hennings, will be at retreat to help with strategic planning.

However, we don’t have a president-elect or member-at-large candidates. John Grohol is considering a candidate for Treasurer.


Burt reviewed the objectives for the offsite planning meeting on January 26. Following the meeting, Burt will try to put together a 1-pager we can use to communicate our key focus and initiatives to members, potential sponsors, etc.

Heather Caouette, who is very strong in PR, will join Judy’s marketing committee. Burt invited her to the retreat. She’s not going to be on the board, just the marketing committee.

Burt then ran through the key points of the agenda for the offsite meeting. In the morning, there will be an honest evaluation of where we are, including a SWOT analysis. In the afternoon, the focus will be on what do we want to achieve in 2019; e.g., grow membership or something bigger picture, like change the world.  We’ll keep it manageable and have no more than 5 objectives & decide how we measure the success of each objective.

2 hours in afternoon will be devoted to brainstorming tactics for achieving the 4-5 objectives. We’ll divide into 4 groups; each group will discuss all objectives & offers tactics. Then we can prioritize the tactics.

The final exercise will match owners/leaders to each tactic/initiative. Joe thinks it’s a good idea to have 2 people own each initiative.

Burt expects to come back with a draft of 2019 goals & tactics we’ll use in a week or two after the offsite.

Danny reminded the group that the Friday night dinner is self-pay.

Also, the board needs to approve the budget for the offsite, which includes travel expenses for out-of-town board members, lunch and supplies.

Janice asked whether output from the manifesto will be available to inform our discussions at the offsite.

16 people are planning to attend live with some maybes. Maximum number of participants will be 19, probably fewer.

The meeting is expected to conclude by 5 or 5:30 pm on Saturday.

Zoom/Videoconference Platform

Sue has been paying for Zoom since early 2018, since she wanted us to adopt videoconferencing for executive committee meetings. She asked if we should continue with it for exec committee meetings and possibly extend it to all board meetings. If so, we will need to have 2 licenses.

Key advantage of Uberconference is that anyone can initiate a call. Zoom requires setting up a meeting and only account holders can set up a meeting. But, account holder doesn’t have to be present for the meeting. Sue thinks the engagement is much better with video. For cost comparison: Zoom: $19/mo for one account holder. Uber: $12/mo.

Joe suggested we could use Zoom for town halls. He estimates it would cost about $350/year.

To review past usage of Uberconference, Danny reported that we’ve had under 15 uberconferences. in the past 3 months, includes committee calls.

Executive committee agreed to try out Zoom for a year with 2 hosts. Given the small expense, Danny said we can approve the expense with 5 people. President & chair as potential hosts.

We can vote on it at the next board meeting.


Sue points out that S4PM has 2 free registrations as a collaborator and all members are offered a collaborator discount.  

Next Executive meeting is February 12, 2018 at 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice McCallum
SPM Board Secretary