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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Eric Bersh, Randy Houk, Danny Sands, John Grohol, Jay Spitulnik, Mary Quilty, Vera Rulon, Matthew Holt, Kistein Monkhouse, Liz Boehm, Dan Halpern-Ruder, Susan Strick, Brenda Merriweather

Welcome: Mary

ED Update: Randy

  • January financials – review totals to date. Jan White has well-organized the records.  Kim Whittemore involved with our Salesforce account
  • Dashboard- submitted and approved. Randy reviews the dashboard. We are looking for sponsorship contacts in Portland.  University Hospitals in Cleveland is next possibility -with promise.  Danny working on Beth Israel.  Brockton meetings coming up (but not yet warm).  Lawrence meeting coming in next two weeks.  Danny and Liz working on Yale Med Ctr.  Mass Health and Mass Data Consortium are warm contacts.
  • Financial Control Policies – reviewed by John, Mary, Matthew. Needs a vote.  Document will be in the Agenda file.
  • Fundraising strategy

 CLE Development: Discussion

  • OHSU – looking for another sponsor as HealthSparq not contributing. June 15 new date.
  • Speakers – possible ex-DJ may host
  • Milestones – chart prepared. Content ready in about two weeks. Whittemore, Novack, Danielson helped with marketing approach.  Kristin Ternullo hired as outside marketing planner.  Potential banner on website from companies sponsoring the event.  There may be a small exhibitor space at the event (with a happy hour).  Also an ambassador program suggested. Gives a code to influencers who get discount on event.  Dan likes idea. Susan suggests banner shouldn’t been on website “forever.” Liz suggests unified visuals for LinkedIn and other sites
  • Content (see above)
  • Marketing (see above)


  • Communications to corporate members – Danny showed doc with Gold, Silver, Bronze corp membership levels (what do members get?) Need Executive Relationship Manager to manage goals and expectations, educating on what SPM does, coordinating company goals. Could have videos on our website.  Vera suggests doing a focus group with various companies to see what they want and like (before asking for sponsorship funding).  Susan Strick suggests producing a presentation (PowerPoint?) to take to potential healthcare system sponsors.  Mary suggests we need longer-term goals

Board candidates: Vera, Mary

Cindy Hale: Lots of NFP experience.  Raised money for cancer treatment.  Is a cancer survivor.  Experience in equity, diversity and inclusion.  Vera says she’s a good match for SPM. True believer in PM. Has a marketing background.  Could become head of marketing committee.  Judy Danielson also interviewed her and likes her.  Voted on and unanimously approved.

Governance clean up: Mary, John

By New York rules, we need terms.  Must have annual meeting.  One meeting must be designated as the “annual” meeting.  Officers server 3 years with 3 time renewals. Will be discussed at next meeting.  Mary suggests the March meeting be the “annual” meeting for 2023, then January thereafter.

Conflict of Interest Statement

Every board member must sign and reveal any conflict of interest.  Will be sent out soon.

Evidence base for PM: Danny

Need a better way to express our value proposition.  Document in Agenda folder.  This would be a reference library of phrases we can use to put together to explain our work.  We are using Zotero and a Slack channel.  Almost 2K references already in Zotero. Danny will train folks interested in using Zotero. Each board member should identify 5 papers to add to the database. Both Dans (Sands, Halpern-Ruder) working strongly in this area.  We can create white papers, systematic reviews in our and other journals.  Jay reminds us to use the word “healthcare” literature research, not “medical” (too limiting). Susan asks whether we’ve done a study on what people know or would be interested to know about PM. Danny asks that people start looking for this evidence and begin saving it Zotero or Slack. Currency of research is important (Jay suggests pub dates within last 10 years). Mary asks can we do this within the next month?  Will report back in next Board meeting.

Other Business

None brought up.

 Motion to adjourn – Jay, second Danny.

 Adjourned at  7:32 p.m.  Next meeting: March 28, 2023, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary