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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Eric Bersh, Randy Houk, Danny Sands, John Grohol, Kistein Monkhouse, Astra Titus, Jay Spitulnik, Sarah Krüg

Welcome: Mary

Approve meeting minutes: Mary

December: (Motion/Second) Danny/Astra. Approved.  November: Astra/Danny. Approved. October: Jay/Danny. Approved.

ED Update: Randy

  • Bank balances to end of 2022
  • Draft of dashboard and Projected Accrual Burn Rate
  • Breakout: Revenue raised
  • Workflow to CLE support
  • Seven highest-likely venues
  • Chart of corporate and individual memberships
  • Potential venues chart

 CLEs: Mary

  • Workplan (Roadmap) for CLE’s (in Excel on Google Drive). Mary calls for all hands on deck. Will contact Board for help. Spoke to Danny calls for help from everyone and encourages the Board. Mary and Danny spoke Brian Park in Portland (OHSU). Brian is high on Society. Wants to make CLE happen; committed.

Updates: Mary, Danny, Matthew, Randy

  • HealthSparq-OHSU
  • Cleveland – talking on them Feb 2
  • ACR – meeting went well. Might be interested in partial sponsorship. And/or may do a corporate membership
  • Content – (Astra, Danny) Hi-level framework for Portland. Keynote; Panel on: health equity; working sessions, seen from a hyper-local POV
  • Danny and Kistein are lead speakers on NCR event in August

Membership: Mary

Focus on Newsletter support. Goal to reach out and touch members. Need an editor. Astra/Danny. Matthew asks about current status of newsletter. Warns that MailChimp is expensive. John says delivery by MailChimp is very good. Annual cost is $750. Vote: Approved.

Other Business: Danny

Danny reminds us that we need help with curation about participatory medicine. There’s a large volumne of materials already on Zotero ( Reach out to Danny to get started ( Setup meeting on his calendar.

Executive Session: See separate minutes

Motion to Adjourn: Danny/Jay: Unanimous

 Adjourned at  7:35 p.m.  Next meeting: February 28, 2023, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary