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Members Present:  Randy Houk, Jay Spitulnik, Danny Sands, John Grohol, Mary Quilty, Eric Bersh, Matthew Holt, Liz Boehm, Brenda Merriweather (late)

Welcome: Danny

Approve Minutes: Vote
  • Jay motions, Randy seconds.
December Board Meeting date
  • Moved to January 2, 2024
  • Top Priorities
    • Need messaging
    • Talk about projects we are working on
    • We need our own direction first
    • Engaging with “outside world” important
  • Relative work effort, funding needed
  • Tangible Assets (2)
    • Randy thinks this is important
    • Liz thinks we need to leverage
    • AI possibilities
  • More stories for the blog. Blogs should more closely align strongly to what Society is pursuing
  • What is the future of the CLE?
  • Continue with blogs
  • Lawrence connection – continue
  • Address CLE content more to students who are prime attendees
    • What do sponsors think about addressing primarily to students?
  • Brenda suggests adding abstracts to the Journal. Danny says our publisher does not allow abstracts without full papers
 Edits to work group scopes?
  • Review of work group schedules. Foundational work group met 11/28.  Each group presents at Retreat of December 16
ED Update
  • CLE and Dashboard
    • October revenue includes Mitchell grant
    • PeX CLE highest revenue of the 4
  • Blog 2,029; Website visitors 5,000
  • NEU; PXS still worth pursuing for CLEs
Executive Session (Private)

Adjourned at  7:30 p.m. EDT.  Next meeting: January 2, 2024, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary