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If you didn’t hear, lots and lots of people snooped into celebrities’ medical records in L.A. — the number of people who’ve been caught just at the UCLA Medical Center is up to 68!

Worse yet, these are electronic medical records, you know, those magical records that are supposed to help protect patients’ privacy and be more secure than their paper counterparts. Apparently this is not the case.

While I’m glad to see these professionals’ hands caught in the proverbial cookie jar, I have to wonder out loud why these patients’ electronic medical records apparently allowed any staffer to access them? I also have to point out how unconcerned the hospital at UCLA was for the violation of their patients’ privacy rights and only looked into this issue further when “prodded” (read: “threatened”) by state regulators.

This episode only goes to show you how much father we have to go before things such as an electronic medical record actually are more secure and private, and live up to their expectations.