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On Friday Senator Tom Daschle announced a campaign to get input from the public about what healthcare reform should look like. “The Transition will host Health Care Community Discussions across the Country over the holidays this December to help his Policy Team put together their final recommendations for the New Administration.” 

What a novel approach.  What a change from the past when plans were written behind closed doors with little or no input from the public, i.e. the people whose lives are being impacted by the healthcare decisions being made. 

They want people to host Health Care Community discussions in our homes and in our neighborhoods between December 15 and December 31. Could we host a virtual one? Or at least a virtual extension of a physical one?

(I’d also like to host one in my home, official or not. You’re all invited.)
It is thrilling for the public to be invited to participate in the discussion, but with the invitation comes the responsibility to do something.  Perhaps we could use this blog to come up with ideas to answer their request — grand ideas, down to earth ideas, crazy no-way-in-the-world to implement ideas, practical ones that may seem too small to consider.  Let’s take this on as a “you asked for it” challenge.

Perhaps, the change that was promised, will be delivered.