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As you have seen in my last post I have really enjoyed the conference. Exhilarating is the best way to describe the feeling. But I am a white male in his early 50s. That makes me, statistically, the equivalent of the majority of attendees at the conference. And so I have to call for a second time for an action plan to resolve the lack of minority representation at the Health 2.0 conference!

As long as we do not work all to rectify this situation we will miss the very important voices of the minorities who are helping to make this country the great place it is. If I am not mistaken there was not a single African American, Latino or Asian panelist during the entire conference! I am afraid we are all so ensconced in our comfort zone that we no longer pay attention to the massive silo we are helping to recreate.

So, please, great organizers of this important conference, can we please make sure that we have better minority representation at the next conference? If we want to promote a national transformation of the healthcare system, based at least in part on the transformation of the patient-doctor relationship, from the paternalistic model to a deliberative one, we must make sure we become more inclusive in our work, on a daily basis.