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Thanks to David Harlow for the heads-up to a contest for scholarships for patients to attend Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Summit:


The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is offering an opportunity for patient advocates  to attend its Social Media Summit and related events Oct. 15-19, 2012, in Rochester, Minn. through its second annual scholarship contest for patients and caregivers.

“Making sure voices of patients and caregivers are included in our events is very important to us,” says Farris Timimi, M.D., the center’s medical director.
“Medical professionals typically have training and travel budgets to cover the costs of conference participation, while patients don’t. Our goal through the scholarship contest is to remove the expense barrier and make it practical for highly motivated patient advocates to join us.”

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Scholarships are available to individuals
who have been engaged with the patient experience, either as a patient or
caregiver, and:

n  have
already demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing health and healthcare
delivery via patient empowerment; and

n  have
not, because of financial constraints, been able to attend this type of

Center for Social Media is now taking applications for three full scholarships
to its social media week events, including Social Media
Residency, Social Media Summit and the annual member meeting of its Social
Media Health Network.

scholarships will cover registration fees and tuition for the recipients to
attend all three events and also will pay airfare and lodging costs. Each
recipient may bring one companion to participate in the events at no charge,
but travel costs for the companion are not included in the prize.

apply, complete and return a brief application and email a 400-700 word essay telling
your patient/caregiver story to
Describe how your participation would serve the greater good of the health
community during and after the conference. How would you hope to contribute to
the conference discussion as a participant? What do you hope to learn?


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.