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An interesting editorial in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) describes BMJ’s path to including patients in reviewing the articles and research published in the Journal. I hope this initiative will be successful and copied by the healthcare world.

Our new strategy aligns with our “too much medicine” and “open data” campaigns and our support for “minimally disruptive medicine.”17 The BMJ remains a journal for doctors, but with Consumer Reports, which is partnered with the Choosing Wisely initiative, we are providing input into lay versions of the papers in our “overdiagnosis” series, to promote public awareness of the commercial and technological drivers shaping healthcare. Patients’ rights are another focus. Recent emphasis has been put on the right to be empowered to self manage chronic conditions.18 Worldwide, the big issue remains the right to access good quality, affordable healthcare.

Patient partnership is a lot easier to talk about than to realise. It demands mutual respect and understanding. Our strategy is being implemented incrementally and will evolve as we evaluate its impact. But we are excited by its potential and hope readers will be too.




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