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The site Crohnology, well known patient community for patients with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), recently started focusing their blog on explaining IBD- focused research to patients. Their most recent blog post describes a study that studied what patients with IBD do for self-care. This is a topic dear to our hearts and we are doubly thrilled to see that SPM, our founder Tom Fergusson and our member Hugo Campos are all mentioned in the post.

Doctor Thyself: How Patients Self-Care

The study concludes:

A decision to actively participate in the care of a chronic illness is a prerequisite for self-care. Healthcare professionals must consider patients’ potential for and desire for self-care when giving advice on self-care activities. Doing so may be effective in a healthier life.

That could be a little stronger: doing so will definitely be effective in a healthier life. As always, more research is needed, but this is an important first step in exploring the self-care that is crucial to IBD patient’s health and well-being.



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