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Sara Riggare at Medicine X

Sara Riggare PhD at MedX

I live in a small country: Sweden has the population of Michigan on the land area of California, so you shouldn’t really have even heard of us. But I guess that ABBA, IKEA, H&M and the Nobel Prize sort of helps :).

Living in a small country of course has both pros and cons, and I will focus on the pros here. As a result of being a vocal ePatient in a small country, I am now involved in healthcare policy discussions on the highest levels and that is why I am posting here today, hoping for your help. I am trying to get a better understanding for the area of health IT, and especially electronic health records (EHR).

Could you help me with the following questions?

  1. What is the status of standards in the area of EHR:
    • In the US?
    • In Sweden?
    • In the rest of the world?
  2. What is the status of openEHR? Has it been implemented on a large scale anywhere?
  3. What would your dream EHR/PHR look like?

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