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The Society of Participatory Medicine (SPM) is excited to announce that we’re partnering with The Big Heist to accelerate building a Health 3.0 world, where patients actively participate and are empowered to control and improve their care.

The Big Heist will be a feature film—healthcare’s The Big Short + The Daily Show + Super Size Me. It will be a satirical, follow-the-money film on the destruction caused by healthcare’s status quo… and the coming redemption. It’s a story of hope, built on the stories of those fixing it from the ground up.

We all know healthcare is broken, but most don’t know the enormous collateral damage it’s caused. From stagnant wages to public education budgets, decades of hyper-inflating healthcare costs has taken nearly every corner and group in our society. The Big Heist will make these connections in an entertaining and accessible way, then create hope by showing real-life solutions in action from around the country, across the political spectrum, and in the public and private sector.

The first stage of our partnership is to support The Big Heist’s crowd-funding campaign. They’ve created two ways to do this through a special link for anyone in the SPM ecosystem:

  • For new SPM members – Backers of this perk will receive a one year membership to SPM and a digital download of “The Big Heist” when released. SPM, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization, will receive 85% of the proceeds contributed and the remainder will go towards the film. Look for the perk with the SPM logo.
  • For anyone in the SPM ecosystem – SPM will receive 50% of the proceeds from anyone in the SPM ecosystem that backs any other crowd-fund perk.


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.