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Patients Included badge with TMIntro note by e-Patient Dave: What a great development!  CCCC is an organizational member of our Society, and last year we blogged CCCC conference announces inaugural class of palliative care e-patients, and now, even better news: e-patient participation is getting formal support through a PCORI grant!

I spoke at last year’s event, and as I said in my post about it, “Palliative care is not a synonym for hospice or end of life. It’s about making life with a disease more comfortable, which can be combined with curative care.”

Here’s the start of CCCC’s post about the scholarships – visit their whole post for full details. Congratulations to CCCC and especially to SPM member Liz Salmi for earning this PCORI grant!

Scholarships available to e-Patients to participate in palliative care summit


The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) is inviting e-Patients to apply for a scholarship to our 9th Annual Palliative Care Summit in Sacramento, California, on March 13-14, 2017. Scholarship options range from discounted registration to full financial scholarships (including travel and lodging).

The deadline to submit an application is January 23, 2017.

to apply for a patient scholarship

Now in its 9th year, the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California Annual Palliative Care Summit is aimed at providers caring for people of all ages—children, adolescents, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors—and was designed for physicians, nurses, social workers, nursing home administrators, chaplains, patients and consumers who are interested in palliative care best practices, quality and policy.

Attendees will learn from and engage with thought leaders in palliative care, including:

Again, visit their whole post for full details.


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.