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The Society of Participatory Medicine is currently searching for a Newsletter Editor. Is that you??

The SPM Newsletter is an important communication mechanism. The goal of the Newsletter is to inform members about current events, provide updates on SPM activities, and share news felt to be relevant for members and supporters. The Newsletter Editor plays a critical role in leading and steering this effort. The Editor is a voluntary position, working with the volunteer Newsletter Team.

Editor responsibilities include:

  • Function as the lead and point of contact for Newsletter strategy, plans and processes;
  • Supervise the solicitation, organization, editing and publication of content;
  • Participate in and supervise key steps of creating and producing the Newsletter;
  • Ensure that content is appropriate for this communication channel as well as publication-ready for members;
  • Identify strategies and methods to solicit information from members demonstrating participatory medicine “in action”;
  • Solicit news-worthy information that is relevant to the Society and their membership;
  • Help prepare content for publication, delegating content to copy editors to ensure it is publication-ready;
  • Provide final review prior to publication, including authority approving publication;
  • Commit to deliver a Newsletter every 3 to 4 months;
  • Communicate closely with Newsletter Team members to continuously improve and streamline processes;
  • Inform SPM leadership of opportunities and challenges related to internal communication with members;
  • Communicate with leads of the SPM Blog and Journal, to optimize SPM communications across the organization

If you are interested, have questions or know someone for this role, please contact me. Thanks.

Sue Woods
SPM President-Elect


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