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Bowing to popular demand (OK, one person) I uploaded a PDF of the 2001 press release from the American Medical Association which suggested that Americans make a New Year’s resolution to “trust your physician, not a chat room” since the information found online puts “lives at risk.”

I distinctly remember seeing those words flash across my screen and knowing that I had to have my own copy of this artifact (much in the same way I printed out screenshots of early websites in 1994 — sadly, not capturing the good old blink that punctuated so many pages).

I incorporated the AMA release into my remarks at Health 2.0 as an example of an organization that was slow to adapt to the new realities of the information marketplace, hoping to inspire the VCs, pharma execs, advocates, and other health dot-com players in the audience to question their own assumptions, even as they forge ahead with cutting-edge solutions. I very much welcome debate — it’s why I gave the speech and contribute to this blog. But please also read my reports, since that’s where my real source material resides.