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e-Patients, alert! Time to participate in creating the lexicon.

Ted Eytan MD is open to suggestions on his definition of Health 2.0 – he’ll be giving a talk soon and wouldn’t mind some honing, particularly shortening.

Here’s the current definition:

Health 2.0 is the transition to personal, participatory health care. Everyone is invited to see what is happening in their own care and in the health care system in general, to add their ideas, and to make it better every day.

I’ll be mildly inflammatory here: What, it’s a TRANSITION? Like, once we get there, Health 2.0 is over??

*Is* it the transition? Or is it participatory care? Or is it a platform (web 2.0 / the read-write web) that accelerates / fosters participatory care?

Definitions are important, because if people get the wrong idea in their heads, they start rejecting the idea without seeing below the surface. We have enough problems already with people “in the system” who don’t want participatory medicine. So let’s hammer on this a bit. …

I like:
– Everyone (the opposite of exclusivity)
– Invited (welcome, even encouraged)
– See what’s happening in their own care (“yes, you’re capable – it’s not above your pretty little head”)
– and in the system in general (Woohoo for transparency! As opposed to “It’s none of your business how many of our patients for procedure XYZ are successful,” and as opposed to “We’ll take care of how we deliver health care – you don’t need to know about that.”)
– Add their ideas. (This includes bringing wisdom gathered in other disciplines.)

I’m not sure about:
– “is the transition”
– “personal”: what other kind of health care is there? (Or does this mean personalized?) (Would patient-centered be more on the mark?)

I like “make it better” and “every day” but if the goal is to make it concise, I bet there’s a tighter way to convey this.

OKAY, PEOPLE, PARTICIPATE! Add your ideas and make it better every day! Click the Comments link, AND/or go to his site.